Sunday, December 9, 2007

That was Awesome!

I would agree girls, it was awesome. This afternoon we hit our nearby tobogganing hill for some fun. The temperatures were moderate and it made for a great time for myself and the girls. Every time we got to the bottom, the girls would yell "That was Awesome". It made me smile each time they said it. We did many different versions of getting down the hill. I would go on 1 sled with one girl and we would hold onto the other sled so we were racing side by side. My smile was so big and I got some great pictures. Avery has reached that stage where she doesn't want her picture taken but Meredith is all over it. Boy am I thankful and she takes an awesome picture with those bright green eyes, they just twinkle. What a great afternoon. We finished off with some puzzles over hot chocolate and apple cider. I love Sundays!

This morning I took a class with Vicki Boutin. It was so much fun and it is nice to walk away with a couple of completed layouts to just pop some pictures into. Thanks Vicki for the inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Hannah!


jenn said...

looks like fun! Both with the girls and the class you took!!!

Mo said...

What great photos! Sounds like you all had a hoot!!!