Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 2

Okay I am 2 for 2 - Yeah! I finally got around to putting out the Christmas books today. They have made it into there own little basket in the kids room along with the kids mini Christmas tree. I have been reading Christmas books all day! I love all the Christmas books so I won't be complaining. We also had the Paca Christmas party tonight. We had a great meal and great conversations with our employees. Have to say that my kids are hoping it is a ice day tomorrow. I am hoping for the same.


Patti said...

We have a basket of christmas books too! Max would love that Clifford book...come to think of it, I *think* I ordered a Christmas clifford book in his latest scholastic book order at preschool - maybe it's the same one.
Looking forward to seeing your photo's and blog entries every day!

jenn said...

love the photo of the day! The picture of you and Andy so cute!!!!