Friday, June 29, 2007

School's Over - Now What MOM!

Today the kids and I had a summer planning meeting at Starbuck's to discuss the activities that they want to do this summer. It is so funny to hear them order kids Chai Lattes! (Yikes what have I started)Here is what Avery wants to do: go swimming, jump on the water trampoline, go for boat rides in Georgia and Quebec and have lots and lots of playdates oh yeah and go bowling on a rainy day. Meredith wants to have Chai Lattes, go to the library, have a campfire and go swimming. What's on my list - a trip on the train, going to Toronto Island, relaxing, reading books and scrapbooking, going to Georgia and the cottage, hanging out with the girls and Andy and improving Avery's reading. It is going to be a great summer. We started out by going to the library to pick up some books and ended up spending the whole afternoon downtown today. Avery biked down on her 2 wheeler and Meredith was in the Chariot. By the time we got back Avery was exhausted.

Made these little Summer 2007 books for the girls to write down what they did, draw pictures, and collect memorabilia.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthdays All Done

I can't believe that it is over - the birthdays are done! After 2 dinners, 3 cakes, 24 cupcakes, 1 bouncy castle, 20+ kids and a mountain of presents - we have celebrated the kids birthdays. On Friday night Andy's parents arrived from Ottawa with his 93 year old Gigi and we had a family birthday with all of my family - Avery & Meredith each had their own cake. I like to make sure that they don't have to share - not there fault their birthdays are so close together. We got the girls an American Girl and an Itty Bitty Baby. They were sure a hit. Avery has been asking for one since February. Saturday was for relaxing and visiting. I had Saturday Sampler at the Turtle. Then Sunday the real excitement began. Meredith's party was in the morning with 8 of her friends. They bounced away,had pink pb&j sandwiches and Cinderella cake. The party finished with a Cinderella pinata. In the afternoon Avery had her Canada Day party with 8 of her friends. Bouncy castle, backyard games, cupcake and sparklers, and ended with a scavenger hunt. We finished the day with a swim and BBQ at my mom's. Taking today to recover and put everything away. A few pictures from the weekend.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Things are busy around here, it is now the constant state. Meredith finished school and Avery is getting there. I am still busy planning classes for the Scrapping Turtle. We had our June Quickutz Anonymous meeting last weekend and 18 people came out for it. It makes me really happy teaching the classes and I totally look forward to it. June is the birthday month for me, the girls are 2 weeks apart. Next weekend will be the big events. On Friday, family parties for the girls and then on Sunday we will have Meredith's kids party in the morning and Avery's in the afternoon - over the course of the day we will have close to 20 kids here and gone! We rented a bouncy castle for the day so hopefully that will be entertainment enough! Here are some of my favourite pictures right now!

Meredith on her last day of Pre-School

Avery talking to a goat at Waterloo Park

Oh and I joined Facebook this week - yikes! TIME SUCK for sure but it is fun to catch up with people you haven't seen in years.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wings of Paradise

On Monday I was the parent helper on Avery's trip to Wings of Paradise. I love that place. It transports me to another world for some reason. We had a great little trip and learned alot. The kids in Avery's class always amaze me - the are so smart and well behaved. We are so lucky to have such a great school, amazing kids and such involved parents. Here are a couple of butterfly shots! Avery wore a flower barrett in her hair to try and attract the butterflies - I guess it worked!