Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Woman of Leisure

Yesterday after school I was speaking with a friend(or is she?)In our conversation I mentioned the fact that I have been playing women's pick up hockey 2 days a week at lunchtime. At which point she said that I was lucky to be a "Woman of Leisure". For almost 24 hours I have been fuming. Why is it that people choose to make such hurtful and judgemental comments about people and how they spend there time. Although I am sure this person felt that she was being funny she was judging and criticizing how I spend my time. Judging and criticizing the choices our family has made. Devaluing the things that I feel are important for my family and me. I am angry. Perhaps had it been a different setting I would have confronted her about it. I have contemplated sending her an email discussing my anger. I will probably sweep it under the carpet. But man - just because I stay at home and choose to incorporate exercise into my schedule I am by no means a Woman of Leisure. Yes I have made a choice not to work outside of my home and do things differently than a working person but trust me I ain't sitting around eating bonbons watching TV. If I was doing those things good for me.