Monday, March 24, 2008

Decorating Eggs

Easter kind of came fast on me this year. It was so early. I didn't get up any decorations or hadn't done any planning for the occasion. I thought that this year I would forgo the colouring of eggs. We were going to Ottawa and there was really no sense but the girls had something to say about this.So on Thursday night before we left for Ottawa I had a couple of the girls friends over to decorate eggs and a pre-Easter dinner. As usual, I was glad I did it. Listening to the girls giggle over the colours and what they could do with the colours made it worth it. For me it meant a late night getting ready. But it was fun!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Hope everyone is having a great St.Patrick's Day and having a bit of Irish luck. There was a lot of green around our house today. I started out the day baking and decorating 5 dozen cookies for the girls classes. I then planned a special little family party for the occasion. Everything we ate was green - the wonders of food colouring. We had spinach pasta with Alfredo sauce, Caesar salad, green grapes, homemade green bread, green milk, green butter and shamrock cookies for dessert. I picked up the decorations at the dollar store and we had a blast. Take a peek at my little leprechauns.

So I have to explain the next picture. It is not one of my prouder moments but hey it was worth a few laughs. Andy likes to throw grapes and see if one will enter. Although he did not achieve success the girls were rolling with laughter. That small green object in the air is the grape as it heads towards me. In protection I have my eyes closed!

Thanks for the fun guys. Happy St.Patrick's Day to everyone.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Georgia Recap

We are home and there is still snow. I always hope that it will be gone when we come home from break but no such luck. The girls and I had an awesome break. We took it easy but enjoyed lots of fun times. Some sunshine, boat rides, fishing, sitting on the dock, American Girl road trip, walks, a little birthday party, dinner out, movies, lots of swimming, searching out little critters and the great catch, books, ice cream, and cuddling with grandma and grandpa. It is hard to believe that we are back home, but we do that with great memories. Here is a little photo recap.

Our trip to the American Girl store was a highlight for the girls. It was awesome just watching their eyes twinkle at this little girl dreamland. Yeah is it a little over the top and yeah I spent to much money, but it was fun watching my little girls enjoy this time. The store is quite an experience. Meredith got her first doll, Mia and Avery got some accessories for her doll Nicki. Avery also had the hair of her doll done in the salon! After picking out our purchases we had lunch with the dolls in the bistro. It was really well done and totally focused on the kids. The bistro has these little chairs that the dolls sit in so they can be at the table. Super cute! Don't worry Dad - we won't be doing this on every trip!

The kids are always trying to catch these little geckos when we are in Georgia. But these guys are super fast and are off before you can get to close. Somehow though the girls caught this little guy. The look on Mer's face is priceless. They did let him go as soon as I got the picture.

The night before we left,a tornado hit downtown Atlanta. It was kind of scary because it was tracking to where we are. At 11:30 I carried the kids down to the basement just to be safe. I sat in front of the tv watching all the coverage come in. Finally at 1 we headed back upstairs. We were happy that we were able to get out before the afternoon storms hit. Its good to be home and the kids really missed their dad. Thanks for the awesome welcome home flowers Andy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Writing from the South

Well we arrived in Georgia on Tuesday. We were late 5 hours but got here before the snow started, thank goodness. Didn't really feel like spending the night in Buffalo. There was technical difficulties with the plane and bad weather in Georgia that kept us on the ground. Our flight was delayed 1.5 hours then we got on the plane and then back off. Anyways we are here. We are enjoying the sun and warmer temperatures. We had a quiet day yesterday as we got settled in and got some groceries.

Oh did I mention that I went to see ELTON JOHN!!! Up until 5:30pm on Monday I didn't have a ticket and then my friend Karen posted that she had an extra ticket. (The really weird thing is that I thought I would be going even though I didn't have a ticket.) How could I not go to this once in a lifetime opportunity! It was kind of crazy because I wasn't done packing, didn't have everything ready and we had to leave at 8 the next morning. But in typical Michelle fashion - I can get it all done. I picked her up at 7:15 and we were off. I am so happy that I went. He was absolutely awesome. I loved every minute of it. I knew every song and was singing out loud. The people around must have thought that I was crazy. Each time he finished a song I thought that the concert was over but he kept going. So many highlights - Bennie and the Jets, Rocket Man, Your song, Candle in the Wind, Don't let the Sun Go Down on Me. For me one of the best moments was when he sang Blue Eyes! When I was younger my dad always sang that song to me. The whole evening I couldn't keep my eyes off the piano and watching him play - I was in total awe. The way he plays - his intensity was incredible. I kept on saying to myself WOW. I am hoping to get some pictures from Karen, decided not to take my camera. So happy that I went. Thanks Karen for the chance to go see this musical master.