Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada!

I have always loved hockey. If I would have been born in an era of girls playing hockey as opposed to figure skating, I would have played. I loved floor hockey and road hockey as a kid and have often thought about taking up the sport as an adult. I have yet to take the plunge - someday!

I am a Leafs fan through and through. My dad used to take us to the games at Maple Leaf Gardens. We sat behind the Leafs bench and could hear all the players yelling from the bench. The players were larger than life when they had their skates on, towering above me. The lights were so bright and the music so loud. I loved every minute of it. Last night I got to relive some of those memories. Different seats and arena but the feelings came rushing back to me, like it was yesterday. Andy and I went to the game last night against the Tampa Bay Lighting. We enjoyed dinner out at the Lonestar Cafe (Yummy) and then off to the game. The kids slept over at Grandmas. Great night. We had so much fun cheering on the Leafs as they went onto win 6-1.


Amanda said...

OH my DH would LOVE you Michelle! He's a hockey fan tried and true! He might make fun of you though for being a Toronto fan (he loves Boston!) I cheer for Toronto too just to bug him....and poor Trenton is VERY confused when Boston and Toronto play each other! Glad you had a great time! Sounds like a fun outing for you!

jenn said...

OHHHHH i'm envious and you know now days there is a kick serious butt girls hockey teams. In waterloo and kitchener and woolwich. Both Rep and houseleauge ;) lol