Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting into the Spirit

I just finished a super cool advent calendar for the girls (can't show you yet, Andy's got my camera today). I didn't want to get them a fake chocolate calendar this year with the China milk scare. I knew that I wanted to make them something. I love the result. Andy actually said it was cool!!! I just need to fill it now, but I have a couple of days to spare. Christmas is going to be a little quiet this year because we are going a big trip. We are explaining to the girls that we can't have a big Christmas and go on a trip. It is about choices. I think that they get it. We will see. I think alot of people are cutting back this year. It is a good message for our kids. We have so much and do so much.

With the Bailey Fresh Foods finished for the season, I am feeling the loss. I do still have some produce left but it is not the same. For the first few times after it finished, I would go to the grocery store and leave with just a few things. I was in denial that I would have to go back shopping there. Andy says get over it, we have to eat. We can't live on carrots and squash and potatoes. I know, I know. But I just can't seem to buy the produce shipped from Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. For me it is a huge mind shift. I am trying hard to buy products from Canada, if you search you can find them and keeping the other stuff at a minimum. Olive oil, bananas, sugar and some necessary produce. I am loving that I have the fruits and veggies that I canned. So nice to open a can of tomatoes that are local. The efforts are paying off. Be conscious of what you are buying and what's in it!

I was at Mer's school today. It was so much fun. The kids made a huge gingerbread cookie. They rolled the dough and decorated the man. They walked it down to the kitchen and saw it go in the oven. When it was finished we walked back down to get it out. The kids were so excited, they could barely contain themselves. They could smell it as we were walking down the hall. The teacher opened the oven, and the gingerbread man was gone!!!! All he left was a note with some clues. The kids were shocked and surprised. When I left they had not found him yet. The look on their faces was truly priceless. Where was my camera? I love that the girls have such great teachers at their school. Thanks Mrs. W for the morning fun!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I heart ZUMBA

Have you ever tried it Zumba? It is a cardio class offered at the gym that incorporates dance moves into a cardio routine. It is so much fun even if I look like a fool. I love the music, the instructors, the energy and the fact that I am excersing but it is fun (boy do I sweat). The motto is ditch the workout, join the party. There is a whole lot of shaking going on but it is fun. If you want to try it with me, drop me a comment. I try to go 3 times a week but mostly make it to 2 times. I did a class today and it makes me happy.
Happy Saturday - Enjoy the snow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Maybe You Didn't Know

that I love to curl (as in the sport on ice). I have been curling since I was 12 or 13. I curled all through high school and into University. Our team in University made it to the provincial championship. After school I curled competitively in town and played 4 nights a week. I love it. Since having kids and during the time I was pregnant I didn't play and missed it lots. I didn't have quite enough time to fit it in but now that Mer is at school I am able to play Thursday mornings and And and I play in a mixed league on Friday nights. Today during our less than stellar performance, I realized how much I missed playing with the ladies and playing for me. I love that I am reconnecting with stuff that is important to me and allowing myself the time to be able to do it (minus guilt). Of course there are many tasks that could be done during this time but this one is for me.

I am just finishing up a major consigned project for someone. It has been a lot of work. It has been the biggest project that I have done for someone. I am happy with it. She is picking it up tomorrow. I hope she likes it. Of course I am struggling with the value issue! Andy says get over and charge what you need to charge. Now onto the other 4 projects that people have asked me to do.

I received some happy news today when I opened my email. One of my layouts is going to be published in the Spring Issue of the Canadian Scrapbooking Magazine I am so excited. I have been submitting layouts for a couple of years now and this is the first one to get picked up. Yeah for me!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well the much anticipated night is over and the crappy junk remains along with the good memories of a fun night. Have to say that I loved Halloween being on a Friday. Easier for the parents and the kids. This year was the first time that both of the girls were totally into it and loving every minute. The preparations started long before October 31st - there were costumes to pick and make, along with who they would go out with. Mer wanted to go out with the big kids this year. She wanted more stuff and that she did. The amount of candy that they got was obscene. At the count they were at 175 pieces each. That is a lot of candy. They also ended up with 7 full size chocolate bars each - who gives out full size chocolate bars anyways! FUN was had. On Sunday night after a great amount of indulgence the heavies stepped in and told them it was time for another sort. This time they had to give up 75 items each. Interesting to watch the dynamics and how they arrived at 75. There was sorting and counting and deliberating but they both made it. Although the amount that remains is still crazy.

Mer was a penguin this year - the two of us worked together and sewed her costume (I definitely get the mom with the most patience award for this project). She did a great job with the whole project. Avery was a witch and that was relatively painless getting her stuff together.

All that talk about candy and I have to say that it hasn't hurt me. What a change from a week ago when I would have eaten the whole bowl. This week - I don't want it. Yeah for me. This week I also reached a milestone in my weight loss/getting healthy journey. I hit one of my goals. Feeling really good about that. Feeling good about the exercise I am doing. (Today did an all legs class and am sure that I will not be able to walk tomorrow). With the goal that I reached, I was able to get out an archived pair of jeans that I haven't worn in a year. Double yeah for me!

One of the things I am bummed about this week is that Bailey's Fresh food buying group is ending for the season. I am truly going to miss all that fresh local food throughout the winter. I hope that I have but away enough stuff to enjoy through the winter and I can convince Andy to get a bigger freezer next year. Thanks to Nina and Wendell for all their hard work in bringing this yummy food to me and all the other members. I will look forward to the spring and all that our area has to offer for local foods.

Rambling done for the day - hope you are enjoying this gift of weather we are having today.