Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whiny Grumpy Me

Okay so this usually doesn't happen to me but I am there. I am tired of Winter. I have a cold + a sore hand. One kid is sick and I am feeling a little blue. Looking for a pick me up. Nobody can seem to tell me what is wrong with my hand and it is seriously putting a dent in my ability to scrapbook and complete the other necessary activities of life. I need that paper, creative fix. Right now I have so many layouts swimming in my head. It even hurts to put them to paper. URGH!! Next Tuesday can not come soon enough. The girls and I are heading out for a little Georgia sunshine and boy do I need that vitamin D. Please send some positive vibes my way.Hope your Thursday is a little better than mine.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Friday!

It has been quite a week. Family Day and a PD day all in one. Can a parent ask for anything more! The shortest school week and the longest parenting week - don't think that I have to say any more.
This will be a short post as I am typing it all with my left hand. Woke up the other day with minimal feeling in my right hand. I can't squeeze,or bend my hand and have two fingers that are numb. Trying to isolate the hand but wow is that hard. Heading to the doctor to today to see what is up. The worst part is that I can't scrapbook. Is someone punishing me!!!
Thank goodness for American Idol and the Scott Tournament of Hearts - provided me with some evening entertainment.
Did finish my card order before this happened. Here is a little pic of the box I made for the cards.

Happy Friday to you! Have an awesome day.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart Day

What a great day. I love Valentine's Day. I love the colours and the cards and the treats and the special heart clothes and the excitement and the creative avenue it provides. My kids have been making cards for a couple of weeks. I buy a whole whack of stuff - ribbons, foam, felt, stickers, paper and let them go crazy. I love watching the intensity that the kids have when they are creating.

Each year I make cards for the kids and Andy and decorate the table for the morning. We always have heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and there are special notes in their snack bags. Today there were 2 extra events that added to the excitement. Avery lost her really lose tooth (Avery's tooth was so gross, she could stick it outside her mouth and close her lips - YUCK!) and Meredith went to the fire station on a field trip. We finished the day out for dinner with my whole family.

This year I made a cool little album for Andy. Here are some pics.

This past week I held a Stampin Up party. We had a great time and Carmen did an awesome job with the make n' take. Thanks Carmen!

I also had dinner with my friends at Thai Sun. I was so annoyed at the end of the dinner when the restaurant turned on the lights to tell us it was time to leave. What is wrong with people!!!!

Can't believe that tomorrow is Friday but I am looking forward to the long weekend.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Forget Snow Days we Got Sick Days

For the past two days I have had sick girls. Avery started yesterday by having a wicked cold. It kept her home from school. Then last night Mer got a bout of the stomach flu. We had an all nighter! I spent the day with a queasy stomach. The day was a little rough but things improved after a little nap this afternoon. The day ended with a little circus act. I have to say that it made my day and gave me quite a laugh. Watching the girls try and walk on this rope was hilarious. They truly believed that they could do it. I wasn't going to burst the bubble. Avery at one point added some protection by putting a pillow under her shirt, just in case she fell off.

On Monday, the JK/SK classes made an ice castle at the front of the school. I was so drawn to the colours. The kids had a blast making it.

Finally, sending out a very special Happy Birthday to my mom. Sorry we didn't have lunch today! We will make it up to you!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Missing Tooth

So I had one of those bad mom moments the other day. The girls, my mom and I were dancing around at bedtime the other night. We were all being totally silly and goofy. I was swinging the girls around and we were dancing up a storm. I swung Avery over my shoulder and she hit her mouth on my shoulder. The next thing I knew, a small shiny object went ping against the wall and Avery started screaming. I couldn't quite understand what was going on until I looked at Avery and the blood was streaming down her face. Okay so it isn't as bad as it sounds because that tooth was already loose but by the amount of blood that came out of her mouth the tooth was not quite ready to come out. We got everyone settled down,the bleeding stopped and the kids into bed. That night we had a special visitor come to our house to deposit a twoonie into the special pillow. That makes four missing teeth, with another one on its way.