Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Some Stuff

Okay so I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. Not sure why, there has been a lot of stuff going on but I just haven't got here.

The other day Meredith was talking about what she wants for Christmas - I think the Christmas in July stuff has rubbed off on her. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Meredith "Mom, guess what I want for Christmas?"
Mom "Mer, were not going to talk about this in July, come on"
Meredith "Mom, guess what I want?"
Mom "What Mer, what do you want for Christmas?"
Meredith "A credit card"
Mom "WHAT! Mer, you can't get a credit card. Okay so what would you do with it"
Meredith "I would buy everything I wanted and you wouldn't have to pay for it"
Mom "You are so funny Mer"
Big smiles from me! The things kids say. Obviously she has seen me use my cards far too often.

Last weekend was my Quickutz Anonymous Class - 19 women joined me to do a camping layout and a card. They are an awesome group of people and I love teaching. Here are the projects.

Avery is at Girls Rock camp this week and loving every minute of it. Meredith is hanging out with me and getting ready to head to the cottage. Enjoy every day!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trains, Buses and Vans

Today the girls and I went on a road trip with one of Avery's friends. Well it wasn't quite a road trip but rather a train trip. We took the train from Waterloo to St.Jacobs with a stop at the Farmer's Market. We had a great time and if you are looking for a fun activity take the train for a ride. We left the Waterloo station at 10 and arrived at the market where we got off of the train and toured around - bouncy castle, snacks, purchase of new Webkinz and a trip to the Lego store. We were back on the train at 12:20 and went to St.Jacobs. We had lunch and ice cream with a stop at the Turtle and the toy store and then back to the train for the 3:10 departure. We waited and waited for the train to leave but it turned out that there was a technical difficulty. They let us off the train and announced that the train would not be leaving. They chartered a bus for us to get back to Waterloo. Although it ended on a little bit of a rough note we had fun.For all the train lovers, definitely check it out! For more info you can check out the website (

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Long Weekends - So Much Fun!

We are having a great long weekend. We decided against going to North Bay because Meredith is under the weather so we stayed around town this weekend. We have been having fun. On Friday night we bought a Trail-a-Bike and so far it has been great. I have decided that I need to make activity a part of my day, everyday and I think that this is going to help.(I know that this is obvious but for some reason it does not always happen). On Saturday we went to Grey Silo and biked the trails there and then today we went to Blair and biked along the Grand. So much fun and great exercise. Avery is doing great on her 2 wheeler and Meredith is enjoying going along for the ride on the back. This weekend Meredith has become the family photographer - she is quite good and her photos are hilarious. She is running around saying that she wants a family photo - by the dishwasher, in front of the car, on our bikes, at the dinner table. You name it she wants to take the picture. She is having fun and I am loving her shots.

Avery celebrates her real birthday today - Happy Birthday "A". When we asked her at bedtime what her favourite part of the day was she said "Spending a great day with my family" - I love that kid, she always seems to know the right thing to say. Tonight we are heading off to the fireworks. I love fireworks. I hope I can get a couple of good pictures - I will post later.

HAPPY CANADA DAY Everyone! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.