Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Stalker I AM

For those of you that know me you will know that I am a blog stalker. I love reading blogs. I like to read what people are saying, what they are thinking, what they are watching. I view it kind of like people watching but through the Internet. I like blog hopping to sites that they visit. I have my daily list of blogs that I visit. I like the inspiration I get from others blogs. I use them for information and education. I get annoyed when my favourites don't post. I share in my fellow bloggers happiness and sadness. Okay, I know that it sounds kind of crazy and it is, but I am interested. One daily blog stop that I make in the morning is to Kal Barteski. She was one of the instructors at Inspired 2008. I fell in love with her way of conversation and her artwork. The other day she posted this post. I have to say that I had that "ah ha" moment when I read her entry. What I was reading was something that I totally agreed with and related to instantly. I wish that I would have come up with it. I have always struggled with the word BALANCE and trying to find it. Balance is definitely the buzz word of the last few years, but for me I never achieved it. I always thought that I had failed. Harmony, what a better word. Everything working together, each element working with the other. With this word, there are no scales tipping in one direction or the other, but rather different parts of a pie fitting together. I have thought a lot about that word since Kal's post and I like it. Thanks Kal for another inspiration!


With canning that is. I have finally finished all the canning and freezing that I had to do with last week's produce. It only took me an entire week. The peaches, pears and apples have been canned and the red peppers roasted and frozen. It feels like a huge relief to have that done. Andy actually made the applesauce on the weekend. I don't think that he will make that offer again!

On Saturday, Mo, Jenn and myself hosted a scrapping bridal shower for our friend Mindy. I had a great time, I hope everyone that came did to. I had so much fun getting ready for the shower, but I forgot my camera to take the pictures. I couldn't believe it. Hopefully Amanda will forward some onto me and I can post. At the shower we made a calendar for the couples first year. Maybe Mindy will post pictures on her blog. Thanks to everyone that came!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh The Smell

Last night Andy and I decided to tackle the grapes, after the Bailey Fresh Foods potluck and the kids were in bed and before Uncle Jalal got here. I purchased a 1/2 bushel of grapes with the plan to make fresh grape juice for the kids. After washing the grapes, the first batch went on the stove to boil. I can't describe to you how incredible the smell is. I wish I could publish that here! Not only does it smell good,the taste is amazing. This morning, I have just started batch 2. With this quantity of grapes, we are going to yeild 12 litres of juice that can be diluted 1:1. I am sure in the middle of winter, this juice will taste out of this world.

Each time I walk into my dining room, the smell of the fresh produce is incredible. It is my plan to get the juice done this morning and then start on the tomatoes this afternoon. Happy Canning to Me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy and About to get Busier

My life, like everyone elses is busy. 2 kids, a husband, a house and all that entails keeps me hopping. On top of that this summer I have made a commitment to try and eat more and more products that are produced in our local area. That means at this time of year I am trying to can and perserve as much as I can. Tonight when I go to Bailey's Local Foods for my weekly pickup I will be coming home with a bushel of tomatoes, 1/2 bushel of peaches, 1/2 bushel of pears, 1 flat of juicing grapes and 24 kg of flour - hard and soft whole wheat. I will be a busy lady this weekend and then throw in 1 ringette practice, 1 hockey practice, 1 birthday party, 1 potluck dinner and an Ottawa relative visiting - that makes for a jam packed weekend. No wonder I don't get any scrapbooking done anymore! Have a great weekend and look for some local produce when you are out and about.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Conversation to Capture

When I picked Avery up from school today she came running towards me.
Avery "Mommy, finally"
Mom "Finally what Avery"
Avery "Homework. I finally got homework today. I am not sure why we had to wait a week"
Avery was going to a friends house after school and had to take her backpack with her so she could work on it with her friend.I needed to document this little conversation so that I can bring it out in 5 years! I wish I could bottle this enthusiasm.

Feeling totally productive in the kitchen these days. I have canned and frozen so much this year. I am actually out of freezer space so I have to can now. It is time consuming but rewarding. Yesterday And and I canned our 1/2 bushel of tomatoes. We got 7 1 litre jars. We are thinking we need about 3 more bushels to have enough tomatoes to make it through the winter. Not sure if it is possible but we will work on it. Today I canned peaches and made some fresh salsa. Later this week I will be making pearsauce. Love having all this fresh food around me.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Routines, Schedules and First Days

I love September and especially going back to school. I loved it as a kid, not so much as a teenager but definitely in University. I still love it as a mom. Not because the kids are gone but because I love the feeling of getting back to the routines and schedules and knowing what is going on. My personality is one that works well to have things in order. It also gives me the same feeling of a new year - the start of something new. Avery is in grade 2 and Mer in SK. Mer went today for her first full day. I have to say that I am a little skeptical of the all day every other day set up but we will get used to it. It is my hang up. I just think that they are still pretty little to be going all day. She was so excited to go to SK (she actually thought that she should be going into Grade 1) however at the door she was nervous. She looked back twice, she was at the end of the line, then the teacher came to the rescue, came to the end of the line and ushered all the kids in. I have to say that I have butterflies just thinking about her right now. But I know that she will do great.

Avery had no problem going to school. She was excited to start and was doing the count down. She went to bed on Monday night saying "I can't wait for tomorrow - it is going to be a great year". She expressed the same sentiments when I picked her up "I love school and I get to go back tomorrow. I have the best teachers." Just what every mom wants to hear. I am so proud of her!