Monday, July 12, 2010

Yes It is Summer

For a stay at home mom, this means change. It means that the kids and I are interacting constantly and that can be challenging sometimes. I find with my kids that they don't really play that well together. It takes time to get into a groove and often they never get there. I feel like a constant mediator and I am running out of suggestions. I am finding it difficult. One kids likes constant interaction with other kids and she would have a playdate all the time. The other kids likes quiet time with no one around. One likes to watch tv, the other finds it annoying. One likes to always be in control and the other doesn't always want to follow. I am constantly feeling pulled in 2 directions. With late bedtimes it feels like the emotions are running even higher. Would love to hear your suggestions if you have them. Hopefully a trip to the library will settle everyone a bit and the rain stops so that we can get out and go for a swim.

We did have a great week away and had a great time at American Idol Live. Pictures to come later.