Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1st

Wow - can't believe it. At my house today you would think that it was Christmas. The girls have been on the countdown to December 1st so that they can start their advent calendars. For them that is the best thing - a piece of chocolate each morning. They are in heaven. Last year I thought that I did a really good thing by buying them a Playmobil Advent calendar but believe it or not they were disappointed that there was no chocolate. I kind of have a problem with the 99 cent ones(how can they make it for 99 cents - what is in the chocolate) so this year I picked up the Laura Secord ones, they looked so pretty and have real Christmas scenes on them. I was joking with Avery yesterday that yes I did get the advent calendars but I found these really cool ones with a different vegetable every day. I can tell you she wasn't very impressed. We will have a little bit of fun each day with the calendar as the countdown to Christams continues.

The kids have been busy making Christmas cards and it has been really fun helping them out. It is so cute to hear them talk about who they will sent them to. They so have the Christmas spirit this year. I am loving it.

I have been busy, busy making projects. I have been quite successful so far and have most of the teachers gifts done and the greeting cards for the grandmas. I still have lots to do but I have made a good dent. I will post pictures soon.

Yesterday I finally went to the doctor after feeling lousy for 3 weeks. After a chest xray found out that I have pneumonia. YIKES. Totally out of energy right now and have little patience. I am waiting for the antibotics to click in and for the other two things to return.

I am so excited for tomorrow. Taking a class at the Scrapping Turtle with Vicki Boutin . She was a Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner and makes awesome stuff. Can't wait to see what we will be doing. I will post some pictures tomorrow.

To finish off this post, I want to wish my sister-in-law Kathy a Happy Birthday today. Many happy returns to her!

Stay warm and be merry!

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