Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 1 Photos

I was just reading a post by a fellow scrapper on the Turtle website and she was saying that she is going to take a picture each day of December. I thought that it was an awesome idea. I am going to try and combine the pictures with making a journal entry each day. These two things would make an awesome record of our holiday memories and the month of December.
Day 1 photos - I couldn't choose just one!

Okay I know that the Santa is a little too real but it was Mer's gift from Santa last year. I will remember the story forever - the only thing she wanted last year was a silly Santa. We had no idea what a silly Santa was until one day Andy was at Home Hardware with her and she pointed to the dancing, singing, 5' high guy in the red suit and said "Daddy that is what I want - that is the silly Santa". Santa would never let a three year old down - would he!


jenn said...

Very cool story about silly santa ;) That Santa dude...he rocks ;) lol

Love the photo a day idea too! Can't wait to check back and see the rest of your photos!


Patti said...

Ooooh! Love your Christmas decorations!!! :-) You know you're a scrapbooker when you start inspecting everything very closely and rhyming off the product lines/companies in your head!! (the star and button tree are AWESOME!)
Love the story about the silly santa!