Thursday, April 3, 2008

It is About Time

Okay so I am sick of seeing the dyeing eggs. I didn't get any great Easter pictures, and Easter is long over. I am ready for Spring and the snow is slowing melting YEAH!. I went to Mo's crop last Friday and had a great time. The company was fun and the Thai food was Yummy! Thanks goes out to my chauffeur! I had fun girls. I finished my second layout of 2008 - pathetic I know. Andy and I went to our curling closing last Saturday. We had a great time. The end of the curling season means that I get to crop on Friday nights again - YEAH for me. Normal kid stuff going on this week. But I am getting super excited about going here I can't believe that I am going. It is going to be awesome. I hope to come back with lots of great ideas. Did I say that I am excited. Only downside is that I miss Scrapfest. Sorry Mindy!

Last night was our monthly dinner at Casa Rugatino with my group of dear friends. I so look forward to our gatherings and am never disappointed. Love the conversation and the non judging fun environment that we do it in. Thanks A,M,A,J and M! This is the last one for a while. Two of the members are due in the next few weeks. Totally thinking about you Marnie and sending happy baby turning thoughts your way. (Her babe is not cooperating in the positioning department). So until next time - have fun.


Patti said...

Casa Rugantino?! WOW! Now that's a place I haven't been to for so long....brings back lots of yummy memories!! :-)

Mindy said...

I tagged you.

Sue said...

Have a fantastic time this weekend, Michelle.

Oh...and I tagged you too!!

Tracey said...

Hey, you're super popular - I tagged you too!! And I think Mindy, Sue & I allt agged you with the same thing so I guess you better get crackin'!!!