Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm IT, IT, IT

I wonder how many people can tag me. 3 is enough. I will do it.
Here are the rules…
1. Post the name and URL of the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules
3. Write seven things about yourself
4. Put the links in to your 7 favourite blogs
5. Name 7 people you are going to tag
6. Post a comment on their blog to say they’ve been tagged
Here are my 7 things.. I don’t guarantee that they are interesting.

1. I have lived in lots of different places - Hamilton, Preston, Hespler, Tavistock, Tillsonburg, Waterloo, Peterborough, Galt, Kitchener and then back to Waterloo. Waterloo is where I am going to stay.
2. I love to scrapbook. I dream about it and purchase lots of stuff but do little creating. I have created 2 layouts this year. This needs to change!
3. In a previous life I was the Marketing Manager at Unitron - a hearing aid manufacturer.
4. I love to entertain and have people around me. The scary thing is that my oldest daughter is the same. My mom always tells the story about me inviting people off the street to come in for coffee at the age of 3.
5. I hate doing laundry. It is one of my most dreaded jobs. Mostly the folding part.
6. When I commit to doing something, I do it full heartily sometimes to a fault.
7. I am super excited about going to Donna Downey's Inspired Event this weekend. I can't wait.

7 blogs I read… only 7 - I seem to read so many.
Work In Progress
Scrapping Turtle
Love Life
Tim Holtz
And all my scrapping friends listed to the side.
I am not going to tag anyone - everyone has been it!
Off to finish watching IDOL!

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