Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Words can't describe the weekend that I just experienced. It was truly amazing. Donna Downey and her husband Bill were the most fabulous hosts and they sure know how to host an event. They took care of everything down to the smallest details. At registration we got cool green Inspired bags,awesome name badges and inspired handbooks.

There were approximately 200 people and this made the event so much fun. You didn't feel overwhelmed by all the people and everyone got individual attention by the teachers and Donna and Bill. The event had such a down to earth feeling. The teachers Jennifer, Tena, Stephanie, Kal, Claudine and Christina were amazing. Each one of the them was unique and their projects totally inspiring. I will post some projects as I finish them up. I am going to finish them with my new friend Anna. Anna decided to join me on my adventure at the last minute. Although we didn't know each other very well before we left we got along fabulously. Too bad there weren't a few more hours for us to spend creating and talking. Throughout the weekend we didn't get much sleep but my brain wouldn't shut off and there was so much to experience. I didn't want to miss one minute of it. On Friday and Saturday we took a three hour course from each of the instructors and then at night we had a chance to do some mini workshops. My 2 favourite classes were the Art Journal that Stephanie taught and the fabric class that Christina taught. I have found a new love for fabric and can't wait to start incorporating it into my projects. For me the weekend was a chance to experiment and play - uninhibited, that I did. My art journal was something I would never have done and I am so happy with the projects. The weekend was all about meeting super cool new people and sharing our passion. I made some awesome new friends, Katie, Heidi, Susan and many others. I made a super cool connection with CD Muckosky. We meet up after one of the mini workshops and just started talking. Talking to her about kids, the industry, winning Scrapbooker of the Year and some many other things. I learned a new little word "STOP" and I so appreciate it. We played together and had yummy food. So much fun. I think that this post could go on forever. I will stop at that. I can't wait to play. I am so inspired. Can't wait till next year.

Picture taken from our early flight from Kitchener to Detroit.

Cathy Zielske, Anna, CD, Renee Pearson, Wendy Smedley

Jennifer Stewart

Me,Katie, Heidi, Anna

Me & CD


Mindy said...

So when will you be hosting a Show & Tell & Show how?

"Michelle INSPIRES those who couldn't join her and/or were ditched"

Catchy title, no? Hehe..

You didn't miss much at Scrapfest.. your weekend sounds AMAZING!!!

Patti said...

Well sounds like a GREAT weekend Michelle! I can hardly wait to see pics of your projects!! You are one lucky lucky girl!! :-)

Tracey said...

SOunds FABULOUS Michelle! I am glad you had such a good time!!

jenn said...

FANTASTIC!!! I'm so happy you did this (and a little envious too lol) but what a cool and awesome opportunity. Thats enough to inspire you for the next while and just make you feel good. Appreciate the good things in life right?

Bring your stuff up the next time we get together...

Patti said...

what is your email address michelle? Email me at jantzikp@shaw.ca. Thanks!!

Katie said...


It was such a pleasure to meet you---you are so TALENTED you should have been one of the teachers!! I had a blast with guys; you were right that the highlight of the wkd. was meeting so many new cool friends.
God bless you and keep in touch,
Katie Lee

Emily Barklage said...

Thanks for reading my blog. I found a new love for fabric too! I guess I'm going to have to get a sewing machine and take some classes. I just love it - it could be my new patterned paper - uh oh!

I can't believe I don't think I ever even saw you at Inspired. Crazy! I wish I could have met all 200 women.

Shannon Parks said...

I love how you "be" page turned out in the picture. Now I have to see the rest. Post those projects!

Holly said...

wow michelle - what a great weekend!!!