Monday, March 24, 2008

Decorating Eggs

Easter kind of came fast on me this year. It was so early. I didn't get up any decorations or hadn't done any planning for the occasion. I thought that this year I would forgo the colouring of eggs. We were going to Ottawa and there was really no sense but the girls had something to say about this.So on Thursday night before we left for Ottawa I had a couple of the girls friends over to decorate eggs and a pre-Easter dinner. As usual, I was glad I did it. Listening to the girls giggle over the colours and what they could do with the colours made it worth it. For me it meant a late night getting ready. But it was fun!


jenn said...

fun stuff!!!!

I'm feeling human again..not 100% but much better...i'll email you tomorrow or call ya


Tracey said...

Looks like the girls had fun!!! It's funny how the little things always seem to put the biggest smiles on our faces!!

Mo said...

What an awesome party! Should have crashed your place this year. :-)