Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Obsession

I am not in need of another obsession but it just happened and I can't stop using it. At INSPIRED I bought some 4" blocks of really cool patterned fabric and I am using it in my card making. I am loving the results. I was blog cruising and Ali has a similar post today using fabric - I guess she was hit at Inspired like me. Glad I am not the only one.

My friend Jodi is attending a Favourite Things wine tasting party - each person is asked to bring something to exchange with the other members (take off of Oprah's favourite things). Jodi asked me to make a set of gift cards for her to give as her favourite thing. Super Sweet of her, made my day. Below is my fabric collection of cards. If anyone is interested in a card set to give as a Mother's Day gift or just a Mother's Day card, drop me an email.

My little stash!

Grouping of cards.

My favourite one out of the bunch.

All packaged and ready to go.

Totally loving this weather, being outside and playing. We spent the whole weekend outside cleaning up the yard, the shed(which had a squirrels nest)and the playhouse. The kids are loving it too - skipping, playing ball and just running around. I wish Mer wasn't sick - she has another bout of pneumonia. Hopefully she is on the mend.

Enjoy the sunshine!


Patti said...

Ok...those are so gorgeous! I love love love them!! :-) Your fabric choices are awesome and the cards you created with them are so beautiful...they have a vintagey feel to them. I've been eyeing various fabric projects and thinking to myself...man....if I had a sewing machine I bet I could whip that up in no time. But I don't have one. Yet. We shall see. Let's just say you've inspired me with yet another project!!

jenn said...

oh i'm loving that!!!! Your inspiring me to try some fabric on my cards or layouts... hmmm I see a trip to the fabric store in my future this weekend!

Love those cards dear! they are really AWESOME!

Tracey said...

Michelle, those cards are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Oh, and I hope Meredith is feeling better soon!

Take care and hopefully see you soon.

Mindy said...

Those are lovely! I want to make those. I want you to show me how... without a sewing machine.. I've never been able to figure out how to work one.. I own one though.. maybe I'll need a lesson on that too ;)