Sunday, March 16, 2008

Georgia Recap

We are home and there is still snow. I always hope that it will be gone when we come home from break but no such luck. The girls and I had an awesome break. We took it easy but enjoyed lots of fun times. Some sunshine, boat rides, fishing, sitting on the dock, American Girl road trip, walks, a little birthday party, dinner out, movies, lots of swimming, searching out little critters and the great catch, books, ice cream, and cuddling with grandma and grandpa. It is hard to believe that we are back home, but we do that with great memories. Here is a little photo recap.

Our trip to the American Girl store was a highlight for the girls. It was awesome just watching their eyes twinkle at this little girl dreamland. Yeah is it a little over the top and yeah I spent to much money, but it was fun watching my little girls enjoy this time. The store is quite an experience. Meredith got her first doll, Mia and Avery got some accessories for her doll Nicki. Avery also had the hair of her doll done in the salon! After picking out our purchases we had lunch with the dolls in the bistro. It was really well done and totally focused on the kids. The bistro has these little chairs that the dolls sit in so they can be at the table. Super cute! Don't worry Dad - we won't be doing this on every trip!

The kids are always trying to catch these little geckos when we are in Georgia. But these guys are super fast and are off before you can get to close. Somehow though the girls caught this little guy. The look on Mer's face is priceless. They did let him go as soon as I got the picture.

The night before we left,a tornado hit downtown Atlanta. It was kind of scary because it was tracking to where we are. At 11:30 I carried the kids down to the basement just to be safe. I sat in front of the tv watching all the coverage come in. Finally at 1 we headed back upstairs. We were happy that we were able to get out before the afternoon storms hit. Its good to be home and the kids really missed their dad. Thanks for the awesome welcome home flowers Andy!


Tracey said...

Welcome home Michelle! Looks like you had a fabulous trip and that American Girl place sounds like a little girl's heaven!!

Mindy said...

I was thinking about you when I heard about the tornado... glad you are safe and sound! Sounds like you had a great trip.. the doll store sounds FUN!

jenn said...

awww looks awesome and a well deserved break my friend!

Karen said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!!!! Boats and Geckos... and of course, AMERICAN GIRL! HEHEHEHEHE

Glad the Tornado passed you by... I know how scary.