Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Hope everyone is having a great St.Patrick's Day and having a bit of Irish luck. There was a lot of green around our house today. I started out the day baking and decorating 5 dozen cookies for the girls classes. I then planned a special little family party for the occasion. Everything we ate was green - the wonders of food colouring. We had spinach pasta with Alfredo sauce, Caesar salad, green grapes, homemade green bread, green milk, green butter and shamrock cookies for dessert. I picked up the decorations at the dollar store and we had a blast. Take a peek at my little leprechauns.

So I have to explain the next picture. It is not one of my prouder moments but hey it was worth a few laughs. Andy likes to throw grapes and see if one will enter. Although he did not achieve success the girls were rolling with laughter. That small green object in the air is the grape as it heads towards me. In protection I have my eyes closed!

Thanks for the fun guys. Happy St.Patrick's Day to everyone.


Tracey said...

A very green day indeed at your house! Looks like you had lots of fun and the table looks awesome!!

jenn said...

LMAO love that last pic and love that you did a green party! You are an awesome mom!!! Seriously you inspire me :)

TV Digital said...
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mindy said...

Can you be my mom? What a great green day for your kidlets!! And that's a fantastic grape picture! You better be scrapping that one!

Patti said...

WOW Michelle...what a beautiful festive table you set for St. Patricks Day...LOVE IT! I had full intentions....but then we ended up being back in Ontario over St. Patty's day so all the green stuff is packed away for next year. Those cookies look delish by the way!
Hope you're having a happy Easter today! I can only imagine what the dinner table looks like! :-)