Friday, January 25, 2008

Old Navy Back in the Good Books

Well, after my little rant about Old Navy I called their customer service line to find out how to resolve the situation. The man on the phone was helpful and told me what I should do. I went back to the same store today - unfortunatley Ms. Sharon wasn't there but a delightful woman by the name of Lori solved my problem and made me happy. She returned the shirt with no discussion and to boot threw in $10 worth of gift cards for my troubles. The funniest part was Meredith standing at the counter when I was telling the story saying "the other lady with the blond hair was mean to my mommy". When we walked away from the counter Meredith said "mommy that lady was so nice. Let's go to her the next time we come". Lori standing at the counter had a big smile on her face. Thank you Lori, you made my day and little Meredith's too. Good-bye butterfly shirt - hello super cute Valentine's shirt!


Tracey said...

So glad you got all the Old Navy stuff sorted out!! And Meredith's comments are too cute!!

jenn said...

hey kids speak the truth!!! Glad it all worked out!


Amanda said...

Yeah that's wonderful!! :D And Meredith is TOO cute!! Yeah kids will tell ya like it is!! I am going to look for Lori next time I'm there!!!