Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mish Mash of Stuff

Well here we are Thursday, a week and a day after my last post. How does that happen? Craziness, I guess. Andy's parents came last Thursday for a visit. We had a great time and they enjoyed being with the kids. Andy and I went curling on Friday night and won our first game in 2 years - we were celebrating! Saturday we went downtown and saw the outdoor curling rink - the girls got to throw a few rocks. On Sunday it was the Scrapping Turtle Auction, that was a lot of fun. And here we are Thursday after a busy week.

Before Andy's parents got here we finished up the spare room painting and I finished cleaning up my scrap book area (you wouldn't know it now). If feels great to have these projects done.

Old Nursery

New Room with my Grandma's Quilt
It feels great to have this room done.

Here is my scrapbook area before

and after the reorg.

Totally loving my Making Memories embellishment centre.

My last comment is a rant. You know that something that sets you off and totally bugs you. Well that happened to me yesterday at Old Navy. Meredith got a shirt for Christmas and after 2 washes there was a big tear along the button seam. I took it back to the store yesterday to get it replaced. Of course they didn't have any of the same shirt left. This led me to have a little run in with the store clerk. She wouldn't return the shirt because I didn't have the receipt and the tags were cut off. Well of course it didn't have the tags on it, it had been worn. She was rude and not very helpful and after very curt words were exchanged she offered to give me $3.99 for the shirt. Are you crazy. I left in a huff. The good thing is that my SIL has the receipt and I get to go back to the store and get my money back. The shirt cost $12.99. Bad customer service just irks me. Especially when they are not willing to provide a solution. The product was faulty and it wasn't that I just wanted to return the shirt. Anyways - I hope you have a good Thursday.

Oh yeah - got my first job to make 25 cards for a friend that is starting her own business. So excited about it. I have lots of work to do now. Hopefully I have some time this afternoon.


Patti said...

Love the paint colour on the walls in your new "guest" room...shows off the quilt beautifully!! And look at your cute scrapbook space - Looks awesome!!!
Hear you on the customer service thing...I was just at the Gap yesterday returning a pair of pj bottoms that I had given my sister for Christmas. After one wash they were totally disgusting..the fabric was all knatty and gross. Luckily I had the receipt and they refunded the money on the spot. I wonder what would have done without a receipt though? Sometimes I think it's the individual you are dealing with....some people are great....others aren't so much.
Luck of the draw!
Have a good one!

Amberlea said...

LOVE the scrapbook area- are you for hire to come and organize my life like that??

jenn said...

loving the pain colours too and your room looks awesome! (your scrap space)

Customer service thing pisses me off too. I've had similar experiences there. I hardly shop there for that reason!

jenn said...

oh and CONGRATS on making the cards! Your work rocks!

Amanda said...

LOVE your room Michelle!
And I'm really shocked at bad service at Old Navy....I've never had issue there.....I would definitely go back...Like patti says, sometimes it's just the person and what kind of day they are having....hope it goes well...xoxo Amanda

jenn said...

um i'm sensing crop nights at your house??? lol love it darlin!!!