Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3

Okay, I think I am on track. I have borrowed my mom's card reader until I find out what is going on with my camera. I have to do some troubleshooting to see why the photos aren't transferring.

The Christmas tree is up. Meredith has been asking me to put it up for two weeks now ever since the tree went up in their room. Yes, they have a mini tree in their room, decorated with decorations that they have made or received. They love it. It is fun for them. Maybe that will be a picture in the next couple of days.

December 2

I had to show you this picture as well. This is Silly Santa. He is 4ft tall, sings, dances and has a microphone so that you can sing along. This is the gift that Meredith asked for when she was three. He hangs out in the closet for most of the year but always comes out on December 1. As you can see, Mer still loves him. I kind of think he is creepy, it is his eyes, somewhat real like. The crazy thing is that if you forget to turn off the sensor, he starts singing as you come around the corner. It can scare the living day lights out of you for a second. But he brings joy.

December 3

I gave my first Christmas present today. This is what it looked like on the outside. I love the snowflake decoration. I bought a whole bunch of them from Crate & Barrel.


Tracey said...

Love that first picture Michelle. Gorgeous!! Oh, and my parents have one of those big singing dancing Santas as well. The kids love him but I am with you - there is something just a little creepy about it too! Looking forward to seeing what the rest of December brings!! xx

Mindy said...

Lovely! What's Crate and Barrel?

And the Santa is totally creepy.