Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching Up

Yes it is December 9, last post December 3. So much for my plan to update everyday but I have been taking pictures almost every day. I missed some fun ones from yesterday due to a dead battery URGH.

December 4
Was the PD day for the kids. We had a great day. Making Christmas crafts, Mini photo shoot, (locked my keys in the car - we won't talk about that one!), play date, cookie decorating party. It was full and fun.

December 5
We had missed the KW Santa Claus so we scooted out to Elmira to see the parade there. It was short and sweet and well done for a small town. The big guy was there -the important part. My little niece was in the parade so that was a highlight too. Meredith played ringette in the afternoon and scored her first 2 goals. I played in my first ringette game in the evening (I scored 2 goals too!). The kids and Andy came to watch. I am having so much fun playing and loving every minute of it.

December 6
Crazy trip to Owen Sound for Mer's game. It took a good chunk of the day. She played well (scored 2 goals) and the team tied.

December 7
Normal back to school day with power skating and hockey game after school. It was a no photo day.

December 8
Went to DQ to celebrate Mer's goals on the weekend. When someone scores the first goal of the season they get to pick a special treat. It almost always is DQ. We took the Dairy Queen over to my grandma's apartment and shared with her and looked at all the Christmas decorations in her building. The photos would have been good, and I needed them for the calendar.

December 9
First snow and the kids are out playing first thing this morning. It is the "right" snow, in other words, it is packing snow. When I dropped the kids off at school this morning the school yard was magical - balls of snow everywhere, kids smiling and rolling, gigantic snowflakes falling from the sky and the yard full of laughter and joy. Love that first snow.

Hopefully at the end of the month I will gather these stories and photos in a December Daily album just like Ali.

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Tracey said...

Fabulous pictures and stories Michelle! Sounds like you are having a fabulous December so far! xx