Monday, September 8, 2008

Conversation to Capture

When I picked Avery up from school today she came running towards me.
Avery "Mommy, finally"
Mom "Finally what Avery"
Avery "Homework. I finally got homework today. I am not sure why we had to wait a week"
Avery was going to a friends house after school and had to take her backpack with her so she could work on it with her friend.I needed to document this little conversation so that I can bring it out in 5 years! I wish I could bottle this enthusiasm.

Feeling totally productive in the kitchen these days. I have canned and frozen so much this year. I am actually out of freezer space so I have to can now. It is time consuming but rewarding. Yesterday And and I canned our 1/2 bushel of tomatoes. We got 7 1 litre jars. We are thinking we need about 3 more bushels to have enough tomatoes to make it through the winter. Not sure if it is possible but we will work on it. Today I canned peaches and made some fresh salsa. Later this week I will be making pearsauce. Love having all this fresh food around me.


jenn said...

love that convo ;) hehe so cute!!! I love canning too :) such a fantastic feeling isn't it!!!

Patti said...

Finally homework, eh? You must remind her of that comment a few years down the road! Don't you just love what kids come up with?!