Monday, September 29, 2008

Blog Stalker I AM

For those of you that know me you will know that I am a blog stalker. I love reading blogs. I like to read what people are saying, what they are thinking, what they are watching. I view it kind of like people watching but through the Internet. I like blog hopping to sites that they visit. I have my daily list of blogs that I visit. I like the inspiration I get from others blogs. I use them for information and education. I get annoyed when my favourites don't post. I share in my fellow bloggers happiness and sadness. Okay, I know that it sounds kind of crazy and it is, but I am interested. One daily blog stop that I make in the morning is to Kal Barteski. She was one of the instructors at Inspired 2008. I fell in love with her way of conversation and her artwork. The other day she posted this post. I have to say that I had that "ah ha" moment when I read her entry. What I was reading was something that I totally agreed with and related to instantly. I wish that I would have come up with it. I have always struggled with the word BALANCE and trying to find it. Balance is definitely the buzz word of the last few years, but for me I never achieved it. I always thought that I had failed. Harmony, what a better word. Everything working together, each element working with the other. With this word, there are no scales tipping in one direction or the other, but rather different parts of a pie fitting together. I have thought a lot about that word since Kal's post and I like it. Thanks Kal for another inspiration!

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