Saturday, April 28, 2007

To the Fire Station We Go...

What a great field trip Meredith's class had yesterday. We visited the Fire Station on Weber at University. Colin (this is a dad of one of Avery's friend) gave the tour. All the guys did a great job. The kids heard about some fire safety stuff and what to do in a fire and then they were able to climb on the trucks and get inside to take a look. A short movie about Sparky ended the experience. As a parent this is a reminder that you need to do some planning at home in case of an emergency - have two ways out of your house, choose a meeting place outside and teach the kids that they should not hide if there is a fire, they need to make as much noise as possible.

We had a quiet rest of the day and Andy and I watched Notes of a Scandal last night. Kind of an interesting movie. Getting ready for my Saturday Sampler today at the Turtle. I will post a pic later.

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