Monday, April 23, 2007

So this is new for me...

This blog is a first for me. I do lots of peeking into other blogs but never thought that I would have my own. BUT here I am. I am so inspired by all the people out there that have blogs and keep their family and friends updated through this method. I feel that I want to do the same - so I took the plunge. After being away this weekend at CKU (yeah!!) I have so much to say and I feel that this would be a powerful tool for me.

I had such an inspiring weekend - WOW. The whole CKU experience was absolutely awesome. The teachers, the other women, the giveaways and my excellent travelling partner made the experience one that will not be forgotten. I took classes that were so much fun and my album track with ALI was great. She was so awesome and inspiring. I love her attitude and how she approaches life. Can't wait to finish the project and post some pics.

I really want to thank Rod & Judy for coming this week and looking after the kids - they made it possible for me to attend and the kids had a blast. Thanks to And too! I am so lucky that I could do this.

Regular Monday stuff today! Oh yeah - except Avery's dentist appointment this morning. She didn't do quite so well this time but she is a trooper. I had the Fast girls in the morning and kindermusik with Meredith in the afternoon. So cool watching little Mer's personality appearing each day!

So excited to be entering into this new forum. YEAH!!

Here are a couple of pics from CKU this weekend.

me, Tim Holtz and Robin
Ali & me
Scrapfest girls, 2 other Canadian girls and Karen & I

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