Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Getting into the Spirit

I just finished a super cool advent calendar for the girls (can't show you yet, Andy's got my camera today). I didn't want to get them a fake chocolate calendar this year with the China milk scare. I knew that I wanted to make them something. I love the result. Andy actually said it was cool!!! I just need to fill it now, but I have a couple of days to spare. Christmas is going to be a little quiet this year because we are going a big trip. We are explaining to the girls that we can't have a big Christmas and go on a trip. It is about choices. I think that they get it. We will see. I think alot of people are cutting back this year. It is a good message for our kids. We have so much and do so much.

With the Bailey Fresh Foods finished for the season, I am feeling the loss. I do still have some produce left but it is not the same. For the first few times after it finished, I would go to the grocery store and leave with just a few things. I was in denial that I would have to go back shopping there. Andy says get over it, we have to eat. We can't live on carrots and squash and potatoes. I know, I know. But I just can't seem to buy the produce shipped from Costa Rica or Puerto Rico. For me it is a huge mind shift. I am trying hard to buy products from Canada, if you search you can find them and keeping the other stuff at a minimum. Olive oil, bananas, sugar and some necessary produce. I am loving that I have the fruits and veggies that I canned. So nice to open a can of tomatoes that are local. The efforts are paying off. Be conscious of what you are buying and what's in it!

I was at Mer's school today. It was so much fun. The kids made a huge gingerbread cookie. They rolled the dough and decorated the man. They walked it down to the kitchen and saw it go in the oven. When it was finished we walked back down to get it out. The kids were so excited, they could barely contain themselves. They could smell it as we were walking down the hall. The teacher opened the oven, and the gingerbread man was gone!!!! All he left was a note with some clues. The kids were shocked and surprised. When I left they had not found him yet. The look on their faces was truly priceless. Where was my camera? I love that the girls have such great teachers at their school. Thanks Mrs. W for the morning fun!


Mindy said...

You're the best mom ever... that Advent Calendar rocks. xo

Kelly said...

Very cool Advent Calendar!!!

jenn said...

That advent calendar is AMAZING!!!