Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well the much anticipated night is over and the crappy junk remains along with the good memories of a fun night. Have to say that I loved Halloween being on a Friday. Easier for the parents and the kids. This year was the first time that both of the girls were totally into it and loving every minute. The preparations started long before October 31st - there were costumes to pick and make, along with who they would go out with. Mer wanted to go out with the big kids this year. She wanted more stuff and that she did. The amount of candy that they got was obscene. At the count they were at 175 pieces each. That is a lot of candy. They also ended up with 7 full size chocolate bars each - who gives out full size chocolate bars anyways! FUN was had. On Sunday night after a great amount of indulgence the heavies stepped in and told them it was time for another sort. This time they had to give up 75 items each. Interesting to watch the dynamics and how they arrived at 75. There was sorting and counting and deliberating but they both made it. Although the amount that remains is still crazy.

Mer was a penguin this year - the two of us worked together and sewed her costume (I definitely get the mom with the most patience award for this project). She did a great job with the whole project. Avery was a witch and that was relatively painless getting her stuff together.

All that talk about candy and I have to say that it hasn't hurt me. What a change from a week ago when I would have eaten the whole bowl. This week - I don't want it. Yeah for me. This week I also reached a milestone in my weight loss/getting healthy journey. I hit one of my goals. Feeling really good about that. Feeling good about the exercise I am doing. (Today did an all legs class and am sure that I will not be able to walk tomorrow). With the goal that I reached, I was able to get out an archived pair of jeans that I haven't worn in a year. Double yeah for me!

One of the things I am bummed about this week is that Bailey's Fresh food buying group is ending for the season. I am truly going to miss all that fresh local food throughout the winter. I hope that I have but away enough stuff to enjoy through the winter and I can convince Andy to get a bigger freezer next year. Thanks to Nina and Wendell for all their hard work in bringing this yummy food to me and all the other members. I will look forward to the spring and all that our area has to offer for local foods.

Rambling done for the day - hope you are enjoying this gift of weather we are having today.


Tracey said...

Michelle, your girls' costumes look great!! I can't believe you made them - you really are very crafty!!!

Good for you for sticking to your plan and meeting your goals!!!

Mindy said...

Okay... you need to offer best mom in the world lessons!! Love the costumes, and THE PUMPKINS!! And congrats on the weight loss... can I come rub up against you? I hope it's contagious...

Patti said...

Hi Michelle,
Just popping by to say "hi!"
Your photo's are awesome and looks like your girls had fun! Hope life is good and not too busy!

Anonymous said...

mom i love you