Sunday, May 25, 2008

Inspired #3

I finished another Inspired project. This one was developed by Claudine Hellmuth,it is called a poppit! Loved the fabric that I choose for this project and Mer is enjoying it. Claudine is a super cool woman. I had dinner with her at the Olive Garden on the Friday night of Inspired. She told us all about how she got her books published and her experiences being on Martha Stewart and the process she had to go through.I love hearing stories from successful woman entrepreneurs. Glad I got this project finished and love the result.

Andy and I had dinner at 20 King last night with some friends. We had a good time. We took this self portrait before we left. As I have been going through my pictures I have noticed that there are not a lot of us together. Trying to resolve this void.

On Thursday night I worked on this baby book for my friend Dana Shortt. Has anyone ever been to Dana Shortt Gourmet? I love her stuff and her store. Another successful woman entrepreneur. The layouts are pretty simple but I loved how the project went together so easily.

The kids and I had a great day. We visited both my grandmas and had a picnic at Riverside park.


Tracey said...

The poppit is so cute and I LOVE the min-album! Gorgeous as usual!!

Great picture of you & Andy too Michelle!!

Patti said...

That poppit is ADORABLE!! Pure cuteness! So I have to ask...what was the level of difficulty on that one? Hmmmm...wonder if I could streamline it into a simpler version for kiddo's to make. Great inspiration - thanks for sharing! :-)

Sounds like your life is busy both with family and I'm glad to see your still getting some scrapbooking/crafting done too! :0)
Have a great day!

jenn said...

LOVE the poppit! Too cute! That photo of the two you is AWESOME!!!! I just had some photos of tim and I done too :) and the baby book! Your work seriously rocks girl ;) etsy I tell ya...etsy ;) hehe


Shannon Parks said...

Love the poppit. My hubby and I click pictures before we go out on a "date" too, but really becasue it is so rare.