Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wow...What a Storm

Last night there was such a storm here. I don't usually get freaked out but last night I did. I actually sent the kids down to the basement. I took one look outside and couldn't believe the sky. YIKES. The wind was blowing so hard and the rain coming down like crazy - I could not even see across the street. The damage around our house was crazy. Almost every tree on the street had big branches down and some of the the trees that were down were huge. I could barely get to my meeting because of the downed trees.

With the power out it made it pretty hard to watch American Idol - so bummed. I always look forward to it especially now that it is down to 3. Oh well... Before bed last night I had to bail out the sump pump. It was almost overflowing because the power was out. The good thing about the power being out was that I had an early night. We set the alarm clock last night for 2:00 so that we could check the sump pump. I got up to check and thank goodness it was fine. But then I couldn't get back to sleep. So what did I do - check the message boards and play Webkinz. Ran out of battery and went back to bed. Good thing that I posted my Amazing Scrapping Race layout before the power went out. Here are my latest layouts for the Go Scrapping Amazing Race. Only 8 people remain - I am having a blast completing the layouts. Doing different stuff and using up some of the archived supplies.

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jenn said...

I know brutal storm last night!!! Love the layouts (as always) ;)