Thursday, May 31, 2007

Self Responsibility

Wow - that is a big word. Tonight as I reflect on this word I am starting to realize what this word really means for me. Taking charge of myself and my thoughts and everything surrounding me. I have been searching for something these past weeks to put me in a more positive place in my world. I have been feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by my thoughts and actions, frustrated with my weight,eating habits and the way I look and overall feeling down in the dumps. I visited tonight with a woman who practices Cranial Sacral Therapy (for more info - I have been seeing her since January. She mentioned the word "Self Responsibility" and it has resonated with me. I know that it seems like a simple thought but the word hit home. If I don't like the patterning of something - recognize it, acknowledge it, think about how to change it, then DO IT. Stop waiting for someone or something to change it. Take control. Yes, I have the control to change it. No more placing blame, no more rationalizing, no more procrastinating, time to change it. I am responsible for my time and how I manage it, no one else is. I am responsible for what I put in my mouth no one else is. I am responsible for adding exercise into my routine, no one else is. I am responsible for the moods I am experiencing, no one else is. Self - Responsibility. Thanks Jane!

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jenn said...

ohh i should get you to email me her info michele. I have a client with Lymph drainage issues and that was the therapy I was looking for ...for her to try as well, but knew of NO practitioners in the area.