Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome June

The month of birthdays and birthday parties and father's day and soccer and end of school and lots lots more. It is that crazy month that comes and then is gone. It is always a busy start to the summer.

It is also the start of local food. Bailey Fresh Foods buying club started last week. I was excited for it to start and I am excited to head back into the 100 mile food frenzy I took on last year. I worked hard at it in the summer and into the fall. But not surprisingly I struggled through the winter. I had stores of food but it didn't get used as much as I hoped. The big winner around here was the canned tomatoes, the apple and pear sauce, the fruit jams and the salsa. Definitely must do's this year. The frozen veggies with the exception of the corn wasn't as much of a hit. I will be a little more careful this year in how I spend my time freezing and canning.

Last night I was watching the 100 mile food challenge on the Food network. 6 families packed up the imported and non local foods in exchange for the local alternative. One family only made it one day! With Nina's buying club and the local markets, 100 mile eating in the summer and spring is doable. I want to try the 100 mile diet + five items. I would have trouble living without olive oil, salt, lemons, sugar, Andy would add wine, and probably avacado. Most other items can be sourced from around here.

I have been doing some creating, mostly cards. Unfortunately I have forgotten to take pictures. Enjoy the sunshine today!


Judy B said...
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Judy B said...

Good Luck Michelle!! Give us updates to let us know how it is going thru the summer.

Mindy said...

Hmmm.. avocado is an essential must have food? LOL!