Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Forget Snow Days we Got Sick Days

For the past two days I have had sick girls. Avery started yesterday by having a wicked cold. It kept her home from school. Then last night Mer got a bout of the stomach flu. We had an all nighter! I spent the day with a queasy stomach. The day was a little rough but things improved after a little nap this afternoon. The day ended with a little circus act. I have to say that it made my day and gave me quite a laugh. Watching the girls try and walk on this rope was hilarious. They truly believed that they could do it. I wasn't going to burst the bubble. Avery at one point added some protection by putting a pillow under her shirt, just in case she fell off.

On Monday, the JK/SK classes made an ice castle at the front of the school. I was so drawn to the colours. The kids had a blast making it.

Finally, sending out a very special Happy Birthday to my mom. Sorry we didn't have lunch today! We will make it up to you!


jenn said...

ohhh hugs hope your all feeling better! love the tight rope walking lol. AND happy birthday to your mom :) hehe


Tracey said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!! See you Saturday at the Turtle!!

Mo said...

So sorry to hear about the girls being sick. I'm glad you managed to have a little fun at the end of the icky day though!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're all feeling better...I LOVE that castle! That rocks!!! I wanna make one of those!!!