Thursday, November 8, 2007

Being Creative and Playing

Something has come over me, I have been hit with the creative bug. I am thinking and designing projects like crazy. Excited to be so excited for scrapping - does that make sense. I am just having fun playing with product. A have been watching this monthly kit club called Work in Progress and I ordered there September kit. It is awesome and I still have yet to use everything - needless to say that it was Scenic Route. For some reason I am loving everything the company has to offer. Once I get my camera back I will be taking some pictures and showing you the results. I just ordered the December kit so I am anxiously awaiting that and am excited about what's inside.

Ali Edwards is designing some really cool stuff right now. I love the advent calendar she made. I will be adding that project to my list. And I also love her clear album. I have one at the Turtle with my name on it. Just not sure what I am going to use it for. Thinking of the wedding pictures of the girls.

Donna Downey made a really cool fabric album. I would love to give it a try. I think that she used the Quickutz Revolution and Stardust font to make the letters. Okay so how crazy that I know what font she is using. SCARY!

Teaching on Saturday - almost a full class.13 in the morning and 10 in the afternoon. I think that I have 1 spot left. I get so excited to teach this class. Happy Thursday and get some product out and get creative.


Patti said...

Michelle - so happy to see that you're enjoying scrapping and teaching classes. That's awesome!!!!!!! Love reading your blog! Enjoy your weekend!

jenn said...

oh i'm loving ali's projects right now too. I can't decide if i'm going to order those cards online (that were on her tree) or make some?? lol

Holly said...

I'm still blown away that Donna left a comment on your blog. That's cool!