Sunday, September 9, 2007

First Day of School

Avery started Grade 1 this year in the French Immersion program. Hard to believe that she is in Gr.1. Where has the time gone. She was super excited to start and to be going all day. Mom on the other hand was the one that was suffering. One of the things I love about Avery is her ability to go into new situations without a second thought or apprehension. She got ready in the morning, put on her new outfit, packed her backpack and off we walked to school. The smile on her face just beaming. I was able to snap a couple of shots before we left but she would have no part in me bringing the camera to school. When we got to school she was so excited to see her friends from last year and all the kids in the playground. The bell rang and off we went to the gym for her to meet her teachers. The principal said a few words, the class lists were called and off she went. I did get a good-bye kiss just before she departed but there was no turning back to wave. My little girl in big school. Although the tears didn't drop they were stinging my eyes. All day, every day - kind of a big deal for the mom who has been with her every day.

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