Monday, September 3, 2007

Coming to a Close - The Summer that Is!

I can not believe that it is Labour Day Monday. The summer has flown by and our family has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We finished off the summer by going to Georgia for 10 days. It was a great time. For me it was total relaxation. We hung around in our jammies, went swimming and boating, went shopping, did a lot of reading and a little bit of scrapping. The kids really took it easy and had fun playing with each other. It was a great way to end the summer and we are ready to embrace the fall.

When we got to Georgia my mom totally wanted to buy a new tube for the boat - one that the kids could go on. So they bought "SUPER MABEL". It was a riot. It is more of a chair so the kids can easily sit on it. We had a blast. I couldn't believe that my mom was going on. She did and she had a blast. She couldn't stop laughing. It was so much fun watching her go on with the grand kids and seeing her smile. It made me happy.

There will be changes here this fall with Avery going to Grade 1 and Meredith into JK. Everyone is ready to get back into a routine. Me especially! I am excited for both of the girls and the adventures that they will have. They were so happy to get there back to school supplies. They rushed home and but everything in the right places. It brought back such fond memories for me. The excitment of going back to school, the newness of all the supplies, sharpening pencil crayons (they come pre-sharpened now)and the back to school outfit (always something too hot to wear on the first day back). I loved September. Hopefully this will be the same for my kids. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Happy Monday!

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jenn said...

Oh how fun! love the pics! How was the first day of school today??