Thursday, July 5, 2007

Trains, Buses and Vans

Today the girls and I went on a road trip with one of Avery's friends. Well it wasn't quite a road trip but rather a train trip. We took the train from Waterloo to St.Jacobs with a stop at the Farmer's Market. We had a great time and if you are looking for a fun activity take the train for a ride. We left the Waterloo station at 10 and arrived at the market where we got off of the train and toured around - bouncy castle, snacks, purchase of new Webkinz and a trip to the Lego store. We were back on the train at 12:20 and went to St.Jacobs. We had lunch and ice cream with a stop at the Turtle and the toy store and then back to the train for the 3:10 departure. We waited and waited for the train to leave but it turned out that there was a technical difficulty. They let us off the train and announced that the train would not be leaving. They chartered a bus for us to get back to Waterloo. Although it ended on a little bit of a rough note we had fun.For all the train lovers, definitely check it out! For more info you can check out the website (


jenn said...

woohoooo first adventure of the summer! Gotta love that and a purchase of a webkinz ;) hehehe

love the pics! How did you do that?

Canadian Girl said...

LOVE that picture mosaic...great shots! hope you enjoyed it!!!