Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Things are busy around here, it is now the constant state. Meredith finished school and Avery is getting there. I am still busy planning classes for the Scrapping Turtle. We had our June Quickutz Anonymous meeting last weekend and 18 people came out for it. It makes me really happy teaching the classes and I totally look forward to it. June is the birthday month for me, the girls are 2 weeks apart. Next weekend will be the big events. On Friday, family parties for the girls and then on Sunday we will have Meredith's kids party in the morning and Avery's in the afternoon - over the course of the day we will have close to 20 kids here and gone! We rented a bouncy castle for the day so hopefully that will be entertainment enough! Here are some of my favourite pictures right now!

Meredith on her last day of Pre-School

Avery talking to a goat at Waterloo Park

Oh and I joined Facebook this week - yikes! TIME SUCK for sure but it is fun to catch up with people you haven't seen in years.


jenn said...

oh i hear ya on the facebook thing lol

Life is grand isn't it:) always running!!! Love the pics...good luck with all the kidos though! lol I thought I was bad having 8 boys here saturday for alex's bday!

Patti said...

Hi Michelle!!
It's me "Sweetpea"!! Found your blog (via Jenn's) and enjoyed reading it and seeing the pics of your girls - they are so cute! Hope your summer is continuing to go well along with your classes at the Turtle. That's awesome that they have been doing so well!! Wish I lived a bit closer!!!
Have a great one!