Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthdays All Done

I can't believe that it is over - the birthdays are done! After 2 dinners, 3 cakes, 24 cupcakes, 1 bouncy castle, 20+ kids and a mountain of presents - we have celebrated the kids birthdays. On Friday night Andy's parents arrived from Ottawa with his 93 year old Gigi and we had a family birthday with all of my family - Avery & Meredith each had their own cake. I like to make sure that they don't have to share - not there fault their birthdays are so close together. We got the girls an American Girl and an Itty Bitty Baby. They were sure a hit. Avery has been asking for one since February. Saturday was for relaxing and visiting. I had Saturday Sampler at the Turtle. Then Sunday the real excitement began. Meredith's party was in the morning with 8 of her friends. They bounced away,had pink pb&j sandwiches and Cinderella cake. The party finished with a Cinderella pinata. In the afternoon Avery had her Canada Day party with 8 of her friends. Bouncy castle, backyard games, cupcake and sparklers, and ended with a scavenger hunt. We finished the day with a swim and BBQ at my mom's. Taking today to recover and put everything away. A few pictures from the weekend.


jenn said...

AWESOME!!!! Yeah, thats a little crazy to have two birthdays LOL but FUN!!!! Love the pics :)


Patti said...

Love the photo's - your daughters are so cute!! Sounds like you had a CRAZY BUSY weekend - but all good fun! A Canada Day birthday party sounds like such a great idea!! :-)