Friday, April 3, 2009


In honour of the Maple Syrup festival this weekend, the kids and I had pancakes with homemade maple syrup this morning for breakfast. How did we make the syrup? We tapped our maple tree in the front yard and boiled the sap last night to make the syrup. The kids have been so excited tapping the tree and then watching the sap. The first batch turned into maple taffy. Andy is the syrup chef - he let the first batch go a little too long but yesterday he was successful and sap turned into sugary goodness. With one maple tree in our front yard we won't be making enough for the year or the month for that matter but it was a fun experience for the kids. How is that for 10 metre diet!!!

Today for the PD Day we will be going to Dana Shortt Gourmet to support her bake sale with the profits going to Kidsability. The kids made some signs to try and draw people into the store. It is our family's charity of choice seeing as both the kids benefitted from their services. If you are in the area, drop by, I am sure Dana will have lots of yummy goodness. We may even stop by Conestoga mall to see a little Eric Traplin this afternoon.

Enjoy your rainy Friday!


Mindy said...

Another chapter in your book of "best mom ever"... you better offer a course...

Sue said...

You amaze me, Michelle!
I really need to stop in at Dana Short Gourmet, I hear great things about her!