Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Blog Worthy Material

I know I have not been doing a great job blogging lately. No good reason. I have had blog worthy material but have not sat down to get it out.

Andy and I had a great time at Mindy and Chris's wedding on Saturday. The venue was gorgeous and the couple looked awesome and happy. The meal was good and the table company was hilarious. Nothing like a few drinks to get the party going. It was great to have a night away from the kids while Grandma and Grandpa babysat. Andy and I actually had complete conversations with a beginning, middle and end without interruption. Not something that happens often. The Elmhurst Inn in Ingersoll was such a beautiful place to have the wedding and spend the night. The colours were so pretty. I am mesmerized by the fall colours this year. They are absolutely beautiful. One reason that we should be thankful for the summer rain. I have to say that unfortunately I didn't get many shots at the wedding. Here are a couple.

Totally loving my new shoes and jacket I bought this weekend for the wedding. Nothing like buying 2 pieces of your outfit, 1 hour before you are leaving. Thanks Lori for your help!

For part of Mindy's wedding gift I made her a He Said/She Said book. I am hoping she likes it. I had fun putting it together using the Making Memories Passport Line.

We have started spending parts of our weekends at the arenas with Mer in ringette and Avery in hockey. Ave won her first game on Saturday. It was so cute to see these girls hustling after the puck.

I have been taking an on line course by Cathy Zielske called Design your Life. I am enjoying it. Getting some layouts done and learning all at once. Of course I am already a week behind. I will post some finished pieces in a bit.

I am missing our fresh local foods that we have been getting from Bailey's Local Foods. Nina will be back up and running next week. I still have some carrots, apples and squash left but it will be good to get some new stuff. She is suffering from some by-law glitches - hopefully this works itself out.

Yesterday we had a pj day around here. Ave wasn't feeling great. We watched movies, baked cookies, read books, worked on Halloween costumes and made chili. It was good to be quiet for the day. The girls had fun too!

I am sending out special happy birthday wishes to my Mother-in-law today. Happy Birthday Judy, we can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend.


Patti said...

Hi Michelle,
Good to read your updated post on what you've been up to. I must say that Mindy's wedding looked gorgeous - she's a stunning bride! Enjoy the fall and happy scrapping...looks like you're busy! :-)

The Bride said...

Hey.. you got some good pictures!

And my little book is priceless! I love it! My very own ScrappingLife creation!


jenn said...

ah love the pics :)